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Jeremy Rifkin is president of the Foundation on Economic Trends as well as the author of several best-selling books that have been translated into more than 30 different languages. His works focus on the technological and scientific changes that take place within the economy and society and have been used in several universities and corporations around the world.

His most recent books include “The Green New Deal,” “The Zero Marginal Cost Society” and “The Third Industrial Revolution.”

Jeremy Rifkin’s most recent book “The Green New Deal: Why the Fossil Fuel Civilisation Will Collapse by 2028, and the Bold Economic Plan to Save Life on Earth” highlights the urgency of confronting climate change by creating a post-fossil fuel culture.

Often cited as a powerful keynote speaker, Jeremy Rifkin has advised many global business and governments on the social and cultural impact that the introduction of new technology can bring. Jeremy Rifkin can offer keynotes that cover corporate downsizing,

Jeremy Rifkin has over 20 years ‘experience in advising different heads of state and political parties and has also worked with serval social justice campaigns around the world.

Is also present of the TIR Consulting Group that looks to introduce a Third Industrial Revolution infrastructure as well as being a lecturer in Wharton School’s Executive Program

Jeremy Rifkin in an Advisory Role

Jeremy Rifkin has also been an adviser to the European Union surrounding issues related to climate change and the economy. In addition to this, Jeremy Rifkin is also advising the leadership in relation to the People’s Republic of China and advised several leading companies in renewable energy and ways to create and sustain a low-carbon economy.

The global economic team of Jeremy Rifkin is working with many cities and regions around the world to create an infrastructure using the Internet of Things and creating a Third industrial Revolution that aims for a greener future that also offers more opportunities in relation to employment.

The vision of Jeremy Rifkin is one that has been applauded by many world leaders including Angela Merkel of German and President Francois Hollande of France.

Keynote Speeches of Jeremy Rifkin

As well as the many books published by Jeremy Rifkin, he has also delivered many keynote speeches to Fortune 500 companies, governments and businesses.

Jeremy Rifkin has also presented TED talks that further promote his view of the world, as made evident by the “The Empathic Civilization,” a TED Talk that explored how the younger generation is overstretching its empathy and capturing humanity in its efforts to better secure future.

The keynote speeches delivered by Jeremy Rifkin have led him to be ranked as 123 in the Huffington Post 2015 global survey of “The World’s Most Influential Voices” as well as being cited as one of the top economic thinkers following a survey carried out at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Further keynote speeches of Jeremy Rifkin include “The Economic Impact of Technology” and “The Carbon-Free Economy” and “The Future of Work.”

Jeremy Rifkin has been cited as one of the most influent social and economic thinkers of our time that has helped an abundance of international governments and organisations better understand the benefits of making the shift to a different form of energy.

As well as taking part in keynote speeches all over the world, Rifkin has also been popular with online media all over the world, conducting a series of different interviews. An interview held with Business Insider back in 2017 which explored the reasons as to why the current infrastructure is failing and how society should be aiming for an interconnected platform.

Rifkin delivered a keynote speech at the Rotterdam Global Urban Summer Summit which discusses the economy of energy for cites. Within the talk, Jeremy Rifkin highlighted that 2007 saw a turning point for the human race, in that more people now resided in urban areas than rural ones.

Although there are benefits to this, such as the bringing together of communities, urban living can also use up a lot of the Earth’s energy and create more entropy as a result.

Jeremy Rifkin was also present at the Global Green Growth Institute’s Global Green Summit which was hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea.

When it comes to keynote speeches, it’s fair to say that very few have a profound effect than the talks of Jeremy Rifkin.