Who Is Jeremy Rifkin?

Jeremy Rifkin is an economic and social theorist that has written a series of books about the potential impact of scientific and technological changes made and how they affect different sectors, such as the economy workforce and society.

Throughout his careers, Jeremy Rifkin has shown a love for the environment and those with an opinion, making him central to several organisations that have sought freedom of speech as well as dealing with the climatic changes of the world.

Rifkin has also showcased a distaste for injustice, which was first highlighted during his education, where conflict between students and protestors led him to playing a primary role in freedom-of-speech movements.

This would continue when attending the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy when Jeremy Rifkin joined the domestic version of the Peace Corps known as Volunteers in Service to America.

Rifken also made his views apparent during the 200th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party which ended with oil drums being thrown into the Boston harbour in protest of increased oil prices.

Jeremy Rifkin has envisioned a Third Industrial Revolution that looks to correct the current imbalance of society ad create a more viable future that offers more opportunities in relation to employment.

The Impact of Jeremy Rifkin’s Work

When it comes to keynote speakers, there’s plenty of choice available, but not all of them will have the impact and open-mindedness that Jeremy Rifkin can offer. A prime example of this can be China’s embrace of Rifkin’s theories, which was showcased in 2015 when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang had read “The Third Industrial Revolution and made it the core of the country’s five-year plan.

It’s not only China that has embraced this innovative way of thinking, as Jeremy Rifkin has been offering advice to the European and other worldwide governments for several years. In addition to this, Rifkin has also delivered many

As well as being part of several global movements promoting the protection of the environment and freedom of speech, he has also authored 19 books which have been collectively translated into 35 different languages.

The clear and intelligent thinking behind Jeremy Rifkin’s theories have seen undertake an advisory role in many sectors.

Other Avenues of Jeremy Rifkin

Rifkin is also the founding president of the Foundation on Economic Trends, and the president of the TIR Consulting Group LLC. The foundation of Economic Trends is a non-profit organisation that looks to examine trends in science and technology as well as the potential impact they could have on the climate and society.

TIR Consulting Group is limited liability company that further enforces the vision of Jeremy Rifkin and is made up of several companies that operate in the field of renewable energy. TIR Consulting Groups carries out a series of roles and works with cities and national governments to help create infrastructure that allow future generations to enjoy a more prosperous future.

Jeremy Rifkin has been cited as clear and be able to expand the mind of business leaders around the world, and the speeches and keynotes delivered are a breath of fresh air when compared to some of the tepid views being showcased elsewhere.

The keynote speeches delivered by Rifkin have been presented to a slew of civil society organisations and universities as well as several Fortune 500 companies. Jeremy Rifkin has also delivered lectures at other 300 universities that span more than 30 countries.

As well as being able to deliver speeches and lectures that enforce the Industrial Third Revolution, Jeremy Rifkin has also covered a series of other subjects including the way in which society has become reliant on social media.

Other talks have focused on the impact of technology on a business levels, and how some could feel that there is no place in the current job market for them. Rifkin has also given detailed talks about the cattle culture, and the consumption of beef has more drawbacks then you would first thing.

The talks of Jeremy Rifkin not only allow businesses, governments and other organisations to make the changes needed for a more sustainable future, but also allows people to adopt an open mind when it comes to moving forward.